Beach Canopy


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Answer: To add interesting and new ideas to our web, the only resource is our E-mail “”. So, add here the document and then we approve after a period.

Question: What are Beach Canopies?

Answer: Beach Canopies are also known as Shelters or Shade Sails. These are used in beach and to protect you from the Ultra Violet Rays. You can enjoy the beach picnic too with your family or closely related friend.

Question: What maintenance is involved?

Answer: To remove the dirt and bird droppings except for an occasional hosing. Our factory welds all structural steel to be water-tight and as nothing rusts. On a UV-resident coat finish, it then bakes. The shade cloth yarns are made of the rich and high-quality density polyethene, will not rot or the mildew because which they do not absorb water.

Question: Are the beach canopies removable?

Answer: Unless snow maybe expected otherwise there is no structural reason to remove them. Two persons are required to remove the largest fabrics in less than one hour and reattach them in less than 2 hours. Yes, the beach canopies and other canopies are also easily removable.

Question: How much the area required for Beach Canopies?

Answer: As large as can be imagined your shade structure covers easily.

Question: What are the uses of the Beach Canopy?

Answer: There are many uses of the beach canopy like you can play games such as volleyball and badminton, etc. and also enjoy the picnic. It also protects you from UV radiation. They are found in many textures like transparent, net and non-transparent.

Question: What service we are providing you?

Answer: We are not providing you with the shelters in buying or selling purpose. We are just guider to inform you properly the facts, history, best textures and other different features of the canopies. We are here to inform and guide you properly not to provide sale or purchase service.

Question: Are Canopies fabrics flame retardant?

Answer: For this purpose, the requirement is to obtain the building permits and must be pre-approved by State Fire Marshal. For the flame retardancy, they also meet national standards those are less stringent than those required by the California State Fire Marshal.

Question: Are the building permits required?

Answer: For your kind information, all California municipalities require building permits because permanent and in-ground shades structures are classified as buildings when the larger than 10×10. In the World, California has the strictest building codes and these codes continue to get stricter.

Question: Why are the footings for the shade canopy and the shade sail structures so large?

Answer: In such a case, the powerful uplift caused by the wind to counteract. The uplift of 16# per square foot of the fabrics that is 10 high, 70 MPH wind gust exerts approximately. If the structure contains 4 fields, then 4000# hits the majorly top of each column. At 40,000 foot-pounds the bottom of the columns must sustain.

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